Discipline & Conduct


Bringing Learning Alive

We welcome Students of all abilities and from all background. Our teacher take the time to get know and to be stretched, are struggling or some where in the middle we always meet their needs. The School has an can‐do enterprising culture. This means : Offering a full, board and balanced Curriculum and ensuring that students of all academic abilities enjoy learning. Giving each student the individual care and attention they need to thrive and achieve their personal best. Treating each other with care and respect and maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Running a fun and exciting range of extracurricular activities.



We are righty proud of the positive behavior in the School. We believe in being firm but fair and strive to encourage self discipline. We expect all student to do as they are instructed by any member of the staff in the school, act responsibly and not spoil the chances to any other student. Our sanctions include school service, detentions and exclusions. We expect parents to support the school's sanctions policy.

Learning Support (Coaching Class)

Specially trained Teaches & facilitators are appointed to provide intensive & appropriate coaching to student from the vernacular medium who are facing difficulty in coping with the English language as well as for students who are slow learners.


We Believe In Total Curriculum

For us education, like life itself, is much more that the academic Students need to leave school with a wide range of knowledge & Skills. Our duty is to identify the student's strengths and then help to foster their passion for those activities. Talent is recognized and facilities are provide to hone Skills in Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball and Athletics. Apart from the regular games and sports, Physical Training, Gymnastics, Yoga Karate, Horse Riding (for the primary School), is also a relevant part of the sports activities in the facility.


"I pray thee O almighty, that I may be beautiful Within"

To create a well rounded and well balanced personality, Spirittual guidance along with worldly education is imparted to students through Diniyat, Inculcating in them a strong sense of ethics & moral values. That the inhabitants of the planet are but one family and a sense of universal brotherhood and tolerance, which is the basic teaching of Islam is imparted to the students.


Physical Education

Physical Education aims to

  • Help students to develop confidence in their own physical ability to foster a sense of personal achievement.
  • Develop in students the skills and attitudes which will enable them to cope confidently with the physical demands of everyday life.
  • Help students to develop a variety of approaches to solving problems.

The school provides facilities for coaching boys in cricket , football , hockey , volleyball and athletics . A part from regular games and sports P.T gymanastics malkamb and yoga are taught . There is a well – equipped gymnasium and multipurpose hall for these activities even in the rainy season, Trained and experienced teacher supervise and guide these activites These enable the children to build healthy and good physique Riding and skating have now have been introduced much to the delight of the student

The School Day

Life begins at the school with a revile at 5:30 a.m then, follows morning P.T/Drill Parade, Assembly & periods of instruction In the afternoon the students have compulsory games and supervised study, This includes an hour in societies, Clubs & hobby classes. Here the students get work experience.


The school maintains a good library and subscribes to a large number of magazines, periodicals & newspaper. Each child is encouraged to make optimum use of the library as it integrated with the academic programme.

School House

As a Residential and day school Anjuman‐I‐Islam's Public School is committed to providing a broadly based education to enable all students to discover their strengths, and to make the most of their most of theirs talents with in the institution and beyond it is our belief that the experience of living in a boarding community forest respect for individuality. In school houses, we seek to forest self confidence enthuisam, perseverance, tolerance and inregirty and integrity Above all, we want all boarders to be happy during their stay with us.

Welfare & Wellness

On admission to the school, each students is medically examined. House staff crate an environment where supervision, care and guidance is exercised in a family atmosphere. A qualified Doctor visits the school facility on daily basis. Modern health care facilities with a resident fully in house nurse the care for children 24*7 is available Medical records of each student is meticulously maintained for future reference if a student spends immediately informed.
All students will be inoculated/vaccineated when necessary.


Careful supervision of the kitchen is maintained throughout so as to provide boarders with well balanced wholesome vegetable and non vegetarian meals.


Exeats are generally not encouraged in exceptional cases, student are allowed an outiong with there parents twice a month on a week end parents are requested not to make frequent visits as it would disturb the school curriculum.

A Request to Parents/Guardians

Parents/guardians are requested to co‐operate with the school in maintaining discipline integrity and good behavior by their wards in keeping with the traditions of our school. This is possible if the parents/guardians:

  • Acknowledge the school circulars reading fees leave & progress reports carefully and promptly.
  • Do not ask for leave of absence for the boy during the acadmic sessions as this causes loss of study time and disturb time schedule of study curriculum adversely affecting academic performance of their wards.
  • Ensure that the student report back to school in time.

In a residential school, all boys are given uniform treatment and no special concessions are permissible the training is an integrated whole and every is required to study, play and use his leisure time as laid down in the routine throughout his stay here. This applies particularly in matters or dress & equipment Fancy & expensive clothes are not be brought to the school.

Visit to school

Parents are request not enter the children's dormitories or hours without permission from the principle.
Parents/guardians are requested not to meet their children during class hours. Friends wishing to meet the students will be required to produce written permission from the parent/guardian concerned.

Breach Of Discipline

Any student who persistently misbehaves or is guilty of malpractice in connection with the examination or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or who in the opinion of the Principal has an adverse influence on his fellow student, may be expelled permanently or removed from the rolls for a specific period.

No Liability

The management or any members of the staff of institution will not be responsible nor shall be held liable for any accident or injury sustained by the student in the dormitory, classrooms, or play ground or during visit of education tours.

Late arrival after vacation

All students must be present on the 1st day of each vacation, failing which, a fine of Rs 500/ per day will be imposed. Genuine cases may considered if intimated to the Principal well in advance.

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